SAS Zombie Assault 4 guide for enthusiasts

SAS Zombie Assault 4 is a zombie survival shooting game developed by Ninja Kiwi. It is set in the future where a virus outbreak caused humans to become hordes of zombies. The SAS is Special Forces that fight the zombie hordes to save what is left of humanity.

The SAS 4 has three classes: Assault troops, Medic and Heavy Gunners. Each of these classes has seven of their own unique skills. The Ultimate ability, for example, for the Assault class brings several soldiers to fight against the hordes for a certain amount of time. The Medic's Ultimate, the Zombie Antidote causes huge damage to zombies within the area of effect. Similarly, the Heavy's Ultimate brings down an airstrike in the targeted area.

sas zombie assault class

The game is featured in a top-down fashion. Players control the character using the standard direction keys while using the mouse to aim and shoot at the zombies. The game progresses level by level with objectives to complete whilst defending against the hordes. Players have the freedom to follow the storyline quests or take part in side quests that also involves playing in a multiplayer mode.

Each completed mission gives experience which one can use to level up skills the way they wish. Leveling up to Rank 20, unlocks the Ultimate ability of that particular class. One also needs to scavenge for weapons and armor by locating strongboxes. These can be found in secret areas or by killing zombie bosses. Strongboxes can sometimes be given by regular zombies.

Strongboxes come in nine tiers. The lowest tier is the Steel tier, followed by Titanium, Molybdenum, Iridium, Neodymium, Promethium, Thulium, Nantonium and the highest being the Black Strongbox. The higher the tiers, the better the items and the rarer it is to get hold of. Each strong box contains either a weapon or armor. Black Strongboxes however, require a Black key.

Players are encouraged to participate in the daily events which introduce new challenges such as the leader boards. Managing to attain top ranks at the end of the event rewards the player with high tier strongboxes. As such, it is always useful to stock up on as much armor and weapons as possible. Gaining skill levels is an added bonus.

The game requires the player to login to the Kongregate account to obtain the save file from their clouds. As such there are no exploits or hacks or cheats in the game, as is highly condemned in online based games. They, however did provide the Play as a Guest feature which does not allow the save game feature and should be used for a sneak peek of the game.

As each of the classes feature their own unique skills, the game mostly leaves upon the freedom of the player to decide which skills to upgrade. However, this can certainly make the gameplay tougher if skills are not upgraded properly. Many consider upgrading the classes skill levels as they are vital in the gameplay of not only just single player quests, but also in the multiplayer modes as well.

The Medic class, for example, should increase his abilities that will allow him to generate more first-aid kits. Similarly, the Assault class and the Heavy class can invest their skills in a wide array of weapon skills.

However, it is a completely bad judgement to solely concentrate on maxing out a particular skill level. Not only do high skill levels take more levels to complete, but also the other skills are left useless, and your gameplay certainly will not go further a certain mission. It is best to experiment with what skills will suit your gameplay best.

Reading the description of what each skill does and how it changes with increase in the level is certainly a plus. It is always best to upgrade your Ultimate ability whenever it is available as well.

As always keep in mind that this guide serves as a just a scratch on the surface. There are many things that the game has to offer and it will not harm to check up on what other people in the SAS community have to say. One plus of the game is that this game can not only be played via PC, but can also be downloaded on your smartphone (iOS and Android) as well. There are some levels that are only available on the PC, but for the rest of the part, the game is good to go even on the move.

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