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SAS Zombie Assault 2

It’s difficult to argue with the success that violent video games have had ever since the first few were released to the general public. There’s just something about being able to wage digital war or fight off an apocalyptic threat while at the same time knowing that you really aren’t hurting anyone that makes for an incredibly engaging video game experience for millions and millions of people all over the world. However, few games have been able to inspire that same kind of excitement and passion while at the same time providing a tremendously “arcade” and almost over-the-top gameplay experience in the same way that SAS Zombie Assault II has. Building on top of everything that its predecessor created, it’s easy to see why SAS Zombie Assault II has become such an incredibly successful game all on its own merit – something you’ll notice the first second that you fire it up for yourself!

Taking off almost immediately where SAS Zombie Assault I ended, SAS Zombie Assault II puts you back in complete control over and elite SAS member (United Kingdom special forces soldier) and tasks you with cleaning out a number of maps from a zombie infestation. Most of the time, you’ll find yourself completely and totally alone while battling these evil zombies, though you’ll also have the opportunity to team up with three other people if you find yourself in a pretty sticky situation with no other alternatives. Giving you access to the same weapons and accessories that you had in the previous title, but also offering more than two dozen new ones to your collection, you’re going to have a lot of new choices to make when you decide to wage war against these digital zombies. The story is still pretty simple and straightforward (and even calling it a cohesive story might be a bit of a stretch on the upside), but this is a game that focuses on the action – and it absolutely hits all the right notes there once again.

Graphically, SAS Zombie Assault II is superior to the original title, but it’s not exactly a major leap forward by any stretch of the imagination. That’s to be expected, though, as we are still talking about a video game that was first designed and developed to run on a flash browser, and has only recently been ported over to the iOS and Android operating systems. Even still, it’s easy to get sucked into this game thanks to the graphics and the overall art direction – not to mention the isometric view. If you are tired from shooting make sure you also check the Hot Dog Bush game.

Gameplay is still super simple and straightforward, but there’s more flexibility in the control scheme for SAS Zombie Assault II than there was in the past. This lets you try out new tactics, new approaches to wiping out zombies, and use some of the new weapons and accessories in ways that you may not have thought of at first – which makes replay value shoot through the roof dramatically!

Available primarily as a flash-based video game (accessible to any and every computer out there that can connect to the Internet and has their Flash plug-in updated), SAS Zombie Assault II is also available on the iOS and Android operating systems as downloadable video games. NinjaGoGames.us is another cool website for playing the newest games from the ninja industry.

If you’re looking for a game that offers a lot of fun in the old-fashioned arcade shoot ‘em up style, you really can’t go wrong with SAS Zombie Assault II. It’s everything that its predecessor was and more, which means that you’re going to find this game to be a whole lot of fun!

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