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SAS Zombie Assault 3

The videogame world in general was starting to really take itself way, way too seriously with very involved games that were more art pieces than anything else – but then the flash-based browser games started to gain in popularity, and then of course the mobile video gaming craze hit the market, and now we are back to games that are designed to be a lot of fun more than anything else. And a lot of video gamers all over the world couldn’t be happier. SAS Zombie Assault III is one of those games, a rather simple and straightforward videogame that is all about arcade style destruction and in over the top art direction with an even more over the top premise – you start off as an SAS special forces soldier and have to clean out a zombie infestation. Unsurprisingly, people absolute eat this stuff up, and the game has already been downloaded and played by more than 15 million people – and it’s only been out for about a month or so!

The third installment in this wildly popular zombie shooter franchise, SAS Zombie Assault III once again drops you into the digital combat boots of a special forces UK soldier tasked with the mission of killing just as many zombies as possible while rescuing friends and civilians at the same time. Building off of the success of the first two games, this third installment is still a lot of fun, and it definitely adds to the overall experience with some new features, some new weapons, and a whole bunch of new maps. Now, thanks to the major leaps forward made by the development team, SAS Zombie Assault III has 17+ unique maps, dozens and dozens of new weapons to go along with the dozens of old ones, and the game engine necessary to push hundreds and hundreds of zombie attackers on the screen at the same time. You want dramatic tension? You want to really feel the stakes? You want to know what it feels like to take on an entire zombie army solo (or with the help of three friends)? Then you’ve got to check out SAS Zombie Assault III!

The graphics for these zombie killer video games have never been absent be top-notch, but that’s because each and every one of was originally created to be a flash browser-based game rather than something runs on next generation video game console hardware. Even though all of these titles have been ported over to the Android and iOS operating systems (the two most popular mobile device operating systems on the planet) – with SAS Zombie Assault III actually developed for these systems in mind right from day one – their graphics still aren’t going to blow you out of the water. That isn’t going to take away from your experience. Besides SAS ZA 3, Parking Mania flash version is another game you should try.

Gameplay is even more fast-paced and frenetic than it ever was before, thanks to the game engines ability to now put 100+ zombie enemies on a screen at any point in time. You thought the other games were cluttered with enemies, each and every one of them marching towards you so that they could eat your brains? You haven’t seen anything yet!

Initially available as a flash browser-based videogame, SAS Zombie Assault III is also available as an iOS and Android download. This means you’ll be able to play this amazing video game on your smart phone or tablet with zero headache or hassle whatsoever. If you are looking for Jedi games then head out to Star Wars Games in order to find the coolest shooting Star Trek adventures!

If you’ve already played the previous two games, you know exactly what SAS Zombie Assault III brings to the table – and you’re probably really, really excited to dive right into this one! However, if you have yet to experience everything that this franchise has to offer, you’re going to want to check out SAS Zombie Assault III just as soon as possible so that you don’t miss out on all the fun!

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