SAS Zombie Assault 4 tips and tricks for beginners

Zombies, aka The Walking Dead, are living corpses and are the main villains in the game series named SAS: Zombie Assault. They have a lot of variety amongst themselves, be it the color, size, shape and type, which has been showcased in every version of the game. But they all have a similar motive: to kill the SAS soldiers anyhow. If need be, the zombies will break any barrier or obstacle in front of them to get the soldiers. On the other hand, the soldiers have to shoot and kill them.

The backdrop of the zombie outbreak is uncertain or unclear. But according to the third installment of the game, SAS: Zombie Assault 3, the origin of the zombies seems to be the result of a lab experiment, the creation of biotox.

In SAS Zombie Assault 4, what makes the zombies more harmful is that they have included ways of digital attack, infecting computers and adding them to their already mighty side.

In SAS: Zombie Assault 4, you have to play as one of the SAS Special Forces and fight against the zombie attack, destroying them with your squadron.

Here are the tips and tricks to crack this game:

  1. Always select the class that fits your style of play.
    There are three classes of SAS soldiers to select from:
    • Assault class is a mixture of offense and defense. Their initial move provides them a temporary boost in their speed, precisely in their firepower, movement speed, and reload speed), and they also happen to have access of melee knife.
    • Medic class focuses on defending and supporting your teammates. They have a variety of support skills, such as their ability to drop med packs here and there for the other squad members to pick up and recover. They also possess armor buffs and revive reduction skills.
    • Heavy class is a hard hitter that lays emphasis on pure damage and brute strength. Their initial skill's effectiveness depends on their duration of standing still. The longer they stand, the more damage they inflict. Even pushing around your enemies can cause substantial harm.
    If you want to lead the pack, pick Heavy class. If you want to cause sufficient damage and have access to utility options as well, pick Assault class. If you want to stay in the back and provide support to your squad, pick Medic.
  2. Make your equipments augmented.
    Sometimes, the equipments you find will have augment slots on them. You can add special upgrades to your utility with the help of these augment slots. Like, your armor can be fitted with general defense protection, or heat or toxic resistance, and so on. Weapons can be strengthened with the addition of offensive bonuses, such as increased damage. If you are able to find an equipment with slots, augment it immediately!
  3. Create the obstacles of your own.
    Usually, there are a few boxes lying around you in the different levels. If you happen to run into these, push them around to checkpoints. Doing this will not only buy you time, but also provide you an extra cover. For example, in level 1 - "Onslaught", there are two gates. Behind these gates, your enemies are lined up to attack you, for which they have to break down those gates at first. If you push the boxes towards these gates and guard them, they would have two more obstacles to enter.
  4. Manually reload.
    If you see that your ammo count is low, immediately reload manually before any fire fight starts. You have to be careful that you are not stuck in the middle of a battle with an empty clip.
  5. Be aware of the basic SAS skills.
    Irrespective of whichever class you choose, you always have the general SAS skills at your disposal. These skills give you charge up your basic stats, such as an increase in health, defense, power, movement speed, accuracy, etc. Try to pick up skills that synchronize perfectly with your chosen class, inflicting maximum damage.
  6. Stay on the move!
    Keeping still is a quick way to lose a lot of health. In this game, the more you move, the better you are. Most of the enemies are melee attackers, which means they need to get close in order to attack and cause damage. Backpedal and firing are an effective option to take on big groups.
  7. Watch out for the blue arrow on the mini-map.
    Itís a bit small, so you might miss it in the beginning. There's a blue arrow in the top left portion on the mini-map. If you follow this arrow, it will guide you to your next objective. So anytime you are short of directions or have no idea where you are heading, referring to it will work just fine.

Now, get ready and march on with your army and create havoc over the zombies. Happy hunting!

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