SAS: Zombie Assault 4: Walkthrough

ZA 4 is quite a worthy successor to its previous online predecessors ZA 1, 2 and 3. Here are some helpful tips on how to survive this twin- stick shooter game.

The dystopian game begins with a choice between three kinds of SAS soldiers, the "Assault", the "Medic" and the "Heavy".

Keep in mind that the choice of soldiers will not change the game play, it will only change the player's approach towards the game play, these soldiers are your character in the game. I chose "Assault" because I preferred to inflict heavy damage in less time, this would not be possible with "Medic" who receives better health to cope with the zombie barrage or "Heavy" who is subject to a far greater number of zombies and hence loses time. These SAS soldiers come with a set of skills for which they receive points at every level.

Guide your character through the Spaceport

The whole gameplay occurs in various sectors of Kurios Spaceport Control Station, which has a cliched outbreak of an infection (in this case the thera virus) that destroys humans and makes zombies out of them.

The Player has only one ultimate goal, survive till the Dropship is repaired and arrives to save him/her, he/she has to do all this while struggling to get the vaccine for the cure before planet Thera is completely obliterated.

Your controls are fairly simple, Q and E are the gun switches which aide in the obliteration of zombies, while W,A and D keys help your character to move through the Spaceship, however, the RPG aspect of this game is flawed because the character is practically robotic in his movements, this also means that it takes a while to adjust for those of us who are more hands- on with CALL OF DUTY or FAR CRY. Fortunately, it does not take long to acclimatize, and once you do, it is fun zombie slaughter and more killing.

There are nine levels in SAS 4, only 7 are available for the online version.

  • Onslaught
  • Survivors
  • Vaccine
  • VIP
  • Zombie Pods
  • Power Out
  • Meltdown (for PC only)
  • Ice Station (for PC only)
  • Last Stand

Throughout the game, there is a gradual unfolding of plans and events which guide your SAS soldier to beat COMBOT, the planet destructions system, save survivors, deal with VIPs, go to Boreas and complete many other missions as he progresses through each level.

The levels also have additional side quests such as events, contracts, nightmare mode, and champions, these side quests deal you bigger zombies, which require more effort as well as ingenuity to destroy, with rewards of their own.

Skills, Upgrades and Augmentation

Each level comes with its own set of rewards, firstly, the skill points which will help you to upgrade your SAS soldier, secondly, you will receive a strong box which will help you to upgrade your essentials like armor as well as health and the third is hitpoints, your hitpoints depend on the number of zombies you kill, it is a very fundamental aspect of the whole game. These rewards are thus going to help you to be able to choose from over 75 weapons with 11 unique augmentations, and 57 body armors with 13 different augmentations along with the soldier's own unique skill set. These three aspects will ensure that your SAS soldiers will be able to handle more zombies in the future levels as well.

The co-op player option allows upto 4 people to play levels together and beat the zombies. Co-op is brilliant because its propensity for causing damage to the zombies and hence, leading to faster upgrades, all this along with the chat provision makes ZA4 a very attractive game to all those of us who believe "the more the merrier" policy.

What to watch out for (additional tips)

As a player you will realize that first, you need to deal with a massive hoard of zombies, which only gets worse as the game progresses, second you will have to kill advanced zombies like the "BOSS" in every level to reach the next level, this will only get worse as you proceed, but your soldier will also receive upgrades, hence it's a fair trade. The very plot of the game will ensure your progression to further levels unless you run out of health or run out of ammo.

Keep in mind that the layout of the ship also functions to preserve your life, the barricades which keep the zombies away are a great example of this. Also, there are movables throughout the ship which you can use as barricades against the zombies while killing them simultaneously.

Watch for the blue arrow on the minimap. It's a bit tiny so you might miss it at first, but there's a blue arrow on your minimap at the top left. If you follow this arrow, it'll point you to your next objective. If you're lost at any time, just refer to the arrow!

ZA4 is an immersive experience. It is quite easy to find your way through the game and I highly recommend it for those of us who are looking for our next fix of bloodshed and violence.

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